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Apart from Tramadol, the Brands available are:

  • TAMOL 200mg – These Red tablets manufactured in India.
  • TOPDOL – It is Manufactured by Signature Pharma
  • TAMOL 200mg – These are Red tablets which are manufactured in India.
  • ULTRAM – This brand of Tramadol is manufactured by HAB Pharma
  • UDT 225mg – These Red pills are manufactured by generic Pharma.
  • TRAMADOL 377 pill 100mg – These pills are of Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Inc.

What is Tramadol Used For?

The Drug Tramadol has several uses. These are:

  • It relieves back pain
  • It relieves Postoperative pain
  • Helps reduce lower back pain
  • Helps control neuropathic pain
  • Helps relieve pain during labour
  • Helps with fibromyalgia pain
  • Helps ease tensions of Arthritis or osteoarthritis
  • And, it also helps in aiding with other Cancer treatments.

The Benefits of taking Tramadol

There are several studies conducted on the drug Tramadol that conclude that it is a good and well researched alternative to several health decrementing drugs such as Morphine. The benefits of taking this drug are as follows:

There are well reputed studies that prove that Tramadol is well known for boosting productivity. It manages to do this by reducing the chronic LBP level, which in turn results in a prophylactic motivation effect.

It was seen that taking Tramadol increases the alertness level in an individual by positively impacting the reward system.

Since Tramadol helps with the process of slow-digesting foods in the small intestines, it results in a decrease in fatigue.