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Les Charlatans - Syrups Trilogy

Les Charlatans - Syrups Trilogy

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Les Charlatans - Syrups Trilogy

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This trio of syrups by Les Charlatans is perfect for cocktails (cucumber Gin and Tonic, for example), but are also delicious over ice cream, with sparkling water or to make pastries!

Discover 3 flavours in one bag: Orange & Rosemary, Ginger, Cucumber & Tarragon. 

These syrups are handmade in Montreal.

3 x 60 ml (3 x 2 oz) + recipes included!

- Ingredients: 
- 235ml (7.85 oz)
- Handmade in Montreal

As a child in France, Jeanne Boucharlat loved the variety of 'sirops' available - whether mint or cassis, they were the perfect drink, mixed with soda water or lemonade, for a child (and for the adults - a delightful aperitif). 

When she arrived in Quebec, she discovered maple syrup, adding an entirely new ingredient to repertoire and gastronomic imagination! And with time, she found that a multitude of aromas and flavours could be blended to enhance both drinks and cooking. Let your imagination go - these syrups have endless possibilities!

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