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Le Trusquin - Grenouille à pousser

Le Trusquin - Grenouille à pousser



Frog to push on wheels.  Handmade in Quebec. Canada.

Made from local wood -  Ash for the frog and Walnut for the wheels.

Treated with toy certified. ecological and biodegradable oil.

Natural wood colour.

Dimension: h51/2  '' x w21/2 '' x61/2 '' / 14cm x 6cm x 16cm

Weight:  0.6lbs /  0.23kg


“Kiss me now. my princess” And so the princess did. because she had promised the frog to do so. Suddenly the frog was no more and at its place stood a prince Charming.

The story of the princess and the frog is a well-known one and might have been told in different ways. Young and old ones know that kissing a frog could give you your own prince Charming! Our wooden frogs might not transform into such a gentleman. but will follow your kids into adventure.